Has almost all LS19 basic function.

All-wheel steering, SemiAttacher (for Schwanhals), hydraulic connections, rear weight (up to 5t), IC control (door, warning signs and co-driver’s seat),

Computer (speed, temperature, etc.), sound adapted, illuminated buttons, number plates and the auxiliary hoses (for drilling), etc.

Who plays with UniversalPassenger Script, does not need to make entries. The Xerion is automatically integrated!

Color choice for:
Basic color, radiator grille, rim color (also chain rim) and driver’s seat (leather and fabric)

Tire choice:
Trelleborg (5 times), Michelin (3 times), Nokia (Komunal), Mita (2 times) and chain drive.

Rear Weight:
in 1t, 1.8t, 2.6t, 3.4t, 4.2t and 5t (no decoration)

Motor choice 3300/3800 with 356/380 hp

Armlene with / without mobile phone

Computer start picture in 3 variation.

A V2 will probably come with some changes

Have fun with the mod
Ewok / Yeti_222